Monday, February 2, 2015

Evicting Cancer Causing Agents- Part 2

I last shared with you last about why I am working to evict cancer causing agents from my home. For those of you who have waited for the women's deodorant recipe, here it is. And once again, IT WORKS & no cancer causing agents! (Plus it doesn't burn or make me itch like other deodorants do.) ;)

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Evicting Cancer Causing Agents- Part 1

Call me over protective. Call me a health nut. Call me plain crazy. I don't care. I am on a mission to cut all of the known cancer causing agents out of my house! As I write this to you my 82 year old grandmother lays in a bed in the hospital with anywhere from days to weeks to live. Why? CANCER! She had melanoma several years ago in a mole and she had it removed. It came back into the lymph nodes in her neck and they removed all of the lymph nodes and muscle in her neck but now its back and it is in her brain. It absolutely is killing me to see her laying there like she is. It is killing me to see my father cry over the thought of what is coming. While I may not be able to prevent environment cancer causing agents from being present, I can prevent from putting them into my body and on my skin. So today, I am kicking deodorant! I'm not going to be stinking because I have made a D.I.Y deodorant for both me and my husband AND IT WORKS!! Plus, it has NO cancer causing agents!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Life Happened!

Yes I know it has been a whole 10 days since I last posted! Life happened! My grandfather fell and broke his hip and had to have surgery. He is going okay now but has been moved to a nursing home. Ian, my middle son, has had fits coughing that just would not quit and would leave him well, to say it nicely, upchucking. We were at the doctor with him and they discovered he has asthma. He is on breathing treatments every four hours for a week and is doing MUCH better! My school semester started this last week so I am trying to get back in the grove there. To sum it up...... LIFE HAPPENED! Still been in the creating mood though so I have some great stuff in store for you! Stay tuned! Can you believe January is almost over???? Me either!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Memorize Scripture with Ease!

Okay I completely think God is sitting in the heavens blessing my goal to Get Serious With Jesus in 2015! First I found the reading plan I wanted to attempt for the next six months. Then I shared with all of you how important family devotions are. The very next day God answered my prayer to help me pray more faithfully for my children when a friend introduced me to Isaiah 55 Pray-er's. Then today, I visited another blog. Diana at Joyful In His Presence has a link on her page to help with Scripture memorization! Today I want to share it with you in homes it can help you too with your scripture memorization!

Friday's Fave Five 01.16.2015

Well I am a day late but better late than never. :) I had a great week as I hope you did as well. My whole week was enjoyable because we spent most of it spending time with family. My favorite part of the week was a trip out of town with my parents. We went to a new business in search of some essential oils we are having trouble finding. All of our local businesses carry the same oils all the time and get aggravated when we request them to order special ones for us. :( Then we had a coffee run because my feet were freezing!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Prayers For Our Children

Do you ever think, I should pray more for my kids or grand kids? Do you feel you repeat the same thing every time you do pray for them? (God keep them safe, healthy and grow up to live for you.) Do you wish you could go to a prayer meeting but do not have time? Have you been to a prayer meeting and it has only been talking and no praying? Well I have got good news for you!!! Keep reading!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Are Family Devotions Important?

Do you do devotions with your family? Truth be told I did not until several years ago. For me it is important to raise my children in the ways of the Lord. But the busyness of life kept me from taking time daily to talk with my kids much about the Lord. I mean face it. If you are not very intentional, you could go through life without teaching them a lot of things. The point is when you want your kids to learn something new, you are very intentional about making sure they are taught. God is not different. You have to MAKE IT HAPPEN! But are they getting anything out of it? Is it making a difference? Keep reading. You might be surprised at what you learn!